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We offer thorough home inspections for buyers, sellers, and anyone else who needs to understand the overall condition of a particular home.

At Criterion Home Inspection LLC, we are committed to bringing high-quality home inspection services to the Fayetteville, North Carolina community and those nearby. We understand the importance of revealing a home’s condition prior to buying or selling it and have made it our job to relay this information to you before you make a life-changing decision regarding the home.

About Criterion Home Inspection LLC in Fayetteville, North Carolina

Our founder entered the home inspection business after serving in the military for almost 8 years. The skills he acquired during his service and his interest in the home construction process led him to seek out a profession in which he could combine these and help people as a result. Becoming a home inspector was an excellent fit. Today, we are proud to offer the thorough home inspection services you need.

We offer several types of inspections beyond your standard bottom-to-top home inspection. We can provide home inspections specifically for pre-purchase or pre-listing purposes, multi-unit inspections, new build inspections, investment property inspections, pest inspections, and water inspections (to test for E. coli, lead, nitrate, or nitrite). We also take house measurements and draw up floor plans.

No matter which type of inspection you require, we’ll meet your needs by conducting our investigation with attention to detail. If there is anything you need to know about a given property, we’ll take note of it and pass that information on to you. It’s your safety and your money at stake, so we never cut corners or give anything less than our best. In addition, we offer quick turnarounds. Contact us and we can typically complete your request for a home inspection within 5 business days.